The rules of the game in the Burkaty Bowling Alley in Białka Tatrzańska

• The goal of each player is to knock down all 10 pins with a bowling ball.

• The game consists of ten frames, and each frame - of a maximum of two rolls.

• Only in the last, tenth frame, a maximum of three rolls is possible. The player receives one point for each pin they knock down.

• The maximum number of points a player can receive in a single frame is 10.

• If the player knocks down all the pins on the first or second roll, they receive extra points.

Bowling vocabulary:

• STRIKE - knocking down all the pins on the first roll

• SPARE - knocking down all the pins on the second roll

• MISS - no pins knocked down, no points received

• SPLIT - a situation in which the player knocks down the pins on the first roll in a way that makes it difficult to knock down the remaining pins

• FOUL - a foul occurs if the player crosses the foul line.

o No points are awarded even if all pins are knocked down on this roll.

o No points are awarded when the player steps into the lane or when the ball bounces against the edge of the lane.

o The maximum number of points to be earned in one game is 300.

Clothing requirements:

Each player must be wearing special sports shoes with a white sole.

They can only be used in the bowling alley, which protects the lane against scratching and damage.

Bowling ball requirements:

The game uses a round ball with a circumference of 27 inches and a weight of not more than 16 pounds (7.2 kg). Each pin is 15 inches tall, 4.72 inches wide and weighs from 3 pounds 6 ounces to 3 pounds 10 ounces.

The balls used to play bowling are divided into three categories due to their weight, spacing and size of finger holes:

• for children: 6 - 8

• for women: 9 - 11

• for men: 12 - 16

The management and staff of the Burkaty Bowling Alley will be grateful for your cooperation in complying with these regulations. Burkaty Bowling Alley - Burkaty Hotel*** in Białka Tatrzańska:

§1. The only persons authorised to operate the equipment located in the Burkaty Hotel*** are employees of the bowling alley.

§2. Bowling and pool games, use of the bar, etc. take place during the opening hours of the premises. All lane reservations are valid until 10 minutes before the start of the planned game. After this time, the game can be sold to another person if the customer does not report their expected late arrival beforehand. Reservations are made for games beginning and ending at full hours.

§3. The game of bowling or pool can begin after previous formalities at the reception of the bowling alley.

§4. Before the start of the game, players are required to change into shoes rented at the reception of the bowling alley, or their own shoes on a white, soft sole.

§5. Players can use their own bowling balls. The Burkaty Hotel*** Bowling Alley is not accountable for any damage to the balls.

§6. When a player rolls the ball, no other persons are allowed on the approach.

§7. If the balls are not back in the return machine after a roll, it should be reported to the staff.

§8. Any information about bowling, prices, current promotions, etc. is given by bowling alley employees.

§9. Customers can reserve a lane for a determined time or for single games, taking into account point 2 of the present regulations and the valid price list.

§10. In the case of playing for a pre-determined time, the prices in the price list refer to an entire lane, on which up to six people can play. In the case of single games, the price concerns one game for one person.

§11. The basic prices for bowling can be found in the reception price list.

§12. Customers are entitled to other rates than the basic rate if all the players on a given lane meet the conditions for a given rate:

Current rates:

• 55 - 80 PLN - for one hour of bowling on 1 lane*,

• 20 - 25 PLN - for 1 hour of playing pool*,

• Rates for the Guests of the Burkaty Hotel***

• In order to be charged according to the rate for hotel guests, the customer needs to present an identity document.

• The rate is valid until 20 December 2018.

§13. If part of the players on one lane do not meet the conditions of a given rate, the payment for the game will be calculated proportionally.

§14. The bowling alley is not accountable for any items left on the premises.

§15. It is strictly forbidden to consume drinks and food not purchased in our facility.

§16. The equipment located in the bowling alley should be used with respect for the dignity and safety of other participants of the game.

§17. A guest who does not use the accommodation services of the Hotel can book a bowling lane or a pool table. The reservation is valid until 10 minutes before the start of the game. If the guest does not arrive 10 minutes before the start of the game, the reservation is cancelled.

§18. In case of prior reservation of a lane by a hotel guest, it is possible to cancel the reservation for free up to 3 hours before the start of the planned game. In the case of cancellation after this time, the cost of playing bowling will be added to the room bill.

§19. If these regulations are violated, in particular points 1, 4, 7, 15, 16, the employees of the bowling alley have the right to end the game without refund.



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