Mountains with children

Show your children mountains. Start as soon as possible.


Children are our treasures, this is why we often afraid of taking them for hiking in the mountains, having on our mind , that the mountain area is unconquerable for smaller children and dangerous.  Let’s us not limited to this opinion, there is lots of routes and places, where we can get safely even with small children and we will be able to use our vacation time fully. The mountains are not only for adults, instilling in children the love for hiking causes, that they will be able to take rest in Nature’s bosom , but also they will learn to respect it. The physical effort by the hiking is very healthy and spending time in the fresh air especially in this time of pandemic is very important. To follow this point of view and living to our Guest’s expectations we have create this mini guide for the families with children , who are spending this vacation in our hotel and they want to use this time fully and visit the most of the available attractions and beautiful places.

Below you will find our proposals, we have divided them in categories:  Walks with a stroller, hiking, Walks/cable cars/funicular  

Walk with a stroller

  • Bór na Czerwonem 
By the sports airport in Nowy Targ there is a forest called “Bór na Czerwonym”. Taking the education path you will get to the viewpoint, from which you can admire the Tatra mountains panorama and atmospheric peat bog. It is a great route for families with children in the strollers or in baby carriages but also for smaller children who can already walk. The trip takes about an hour, the road is flat and has no bumps so it is a great idea for the beginner hikers, who wants to sightsee the neighborhood. 
  • Velo Dunajec
The most beautiful bike line in the region, well prepared and made for the bicycles fans. The line it is not only a sport challenge but also wort to visist because of the  picturesque landscape of the river Dunajec valley, the breathtaking panorama on  mountains : Tatras, Beskids and Pieniny. On the route you can find the service points and bicycle rentals also with baby sits and carriages. The lengths of our trip depends on us because the line is divided on sections so also a beginner biker will be satisfied.
  • Pienińska Road - Szczawnica and Red Monastery in Slovakia
The route begins in Szczawnica and its crossing by foot takes about 4-5 hours. You can also use a bicycle to pass it. The road is flat and not steep, we can cover this distance with a stroller with bigger wheels or with small children who can walk. On the route we will find some places to take a rest like mountain hut PTTK  Orlica. We have to be prepared for crossing the border with Slovakia so you have to have the right documents. On the Slovakia we are walking an asphalt road and after some time we will see the Red Monastery. We can go back the same road or we can take a raft from the marina by the Red Monastery or in Sromowce Niżne.
  • Kotelnica Białczańska
For those who are looking some attraction near our hotel we can recommend a walk along the Kotelnica Białczańska. This route is a bit harder because you have to walk up the hill but you can go there with a stroller. If you want to walk with bigger kids you can secede to take one of the cart tracks. The one begins byt the church in Białak Tatrzańska and the other by the restaurant Litworowy Staw.


  • Chochołowska valley
The longest and the biggest valley in polish Tatras, it is very wide too what let us admire beautiful landscapes. Its crossing to the shelter takes an adult about 2 hours, a 3-4 years old children will manage the route, the majority of the route is also suitable for strollers on bigger wheals. It is not necessary to pass the route till the end, you can always turn back by one of the rock gates or by the glade Jaworki. You can sightsee the valley on the bicycle, if you haven’t take tour own equipment you can rent a bike with a baby sit by the entrance to the valley.
  • Kościeliska Valley 
Also very long valley. Has 9 km and is famous for unrivalled beauty of their stones. The road is gentle an you can go there with a stroller on a big wheals . A 3-4 years old child will manage to walk it but of course slower and with more stops. In the end of the trek there is a mountain hut on Hala Ornak.
  • Rusinowa Polana (Rusinowa glade)
The trip begins on the Wierch Poroniec, the rote has around 3,5 km and we walk it in about 1 hours an adult, the road is not steep, the area mostly flat, we are hiking in the shade but rhe road is stony so to go there with the stroller is rather less possible. The route is still quite easy so you can go there with a 3-4 years old children, Not far from the Rusinowa glade there is a Sanctuaryod Holly Mother Jaworzyńska -  The Quin of the Tatra Mountains on Wiktorówki – also a place worth to visit. From the Rusinowa glade you can admire the one of the most beautiful view on Tatra mountains.
  • Kalatówki/Murowaniec
The route is short but up the hill, it is suitable for the 3 year old child. The trip begins in Kuźnice from the stony wide path leads us to the glade Kalatówki. In the summer we can see the pasturage of the sheeps and observe the cable cars going up to the Kasprowy Wierch. 
In Kuźnice we can also begin a trip to the Hal Gąsienicowa and to the mountain hut Murowaniec, the route is not long and has 5 km.In the beginning the road is a little bit steep and stony but after walking out of the forest the view is overwhelming. The route will manage to walk a 4-5 year old child or a smaller child in a child carrier or a papoose.
  • Turbacz
The highest peak of the mountains Gorce is a very good idea for a one day trip or a one with an overnight in the mountain hut. To get the peak you have to choose one of the available routes, the most popular and optimal is the yellow one from Nowy Trag Osiedle Oleksówki. The road is stony but a 3-4 year old child will walk it in its own tempo.

Walks/cable cars/funiculars 

  • The treetop walk
We begin the walk at the Bachledowa valley, the path is not steep and we will manage to walk it with a stroller. The route has 1234 m and we are 24 meters above the treetops. By the road we can stop and have fun on adrenaline stops, toboggan and playgrounds.
  • Cable cars/Kasprowy Wierch
From Kuźnice we can take a cable car and get on this popular peak in the polish Tatra Maountains. With a cable car we ride on the top, where we can have a bit of walk with a stroller and admire the beautiful panorama. 
  •  Gubałówka / Funicular
In the center  of the Zakopane, 5 minutes from the popular sidewalk Krupówki is located a funicular Gubałówka. The ride to the top takes a few minutes and there we can have walk and we savour the amazing panorama of The Tatras and Zakopane.
  • Palenica peak
From Szczawnica we can get to the top of Palenica -  the  peak of the mountains Małe. The trip is suitable for the children, who can already use a chair lifts but also around the station you can find lots of paths for having a walk, which you can use being there with a child in the stroller.


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