Feel the climate of Tatras

Chata Burkata barbecue hut

A Polish highlander-style feast by the Białka River with a view of the Tatra Mountains

Especially for you, we expanded the offer of our intimate restaurant and great cuisine is by adding a new place: Chata Burkata barbecue hut - a highlander hut covered with reed. Accommodating up to 150 persons, it can host feasts in various styles.

We can prepare a dinner with a whole roasted lamb and many other specialities from the tradition of local highlander robbers, accompanied by highland music. In addition, we can also offer a barbecue dinner in the hut, with various types of meat, as well as great side dishes such as cold meats and cheeses. An alternative to a highlander folk group is dancing to the music played by a DJ until dawn.

In addition, Chata Burkata barbecue hut is immersed in the sound of waves of the Białka River flowing nearby, which is complemented by the stunning landscape of the Tatras, so that each party will remain in the memory of our guests for a long time.



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