The Burkaty Restaurant

Traditional regional and Polish cuisine with a touch of finesse

Traditional regional and Polish cuisine with a touch of finesse

The Burkaty Restaurant serves the dishes of regional and European cuisine.
Starting from rich and varied breakfasts, through the restaurant menu which will reveal the journey to the hidden corners of regional cuisine, such as grandmother's kwaśnica (sauerkraut soup), trout from the mountain stream flowing in front of our restaurant, and many other dishes, crowned with an apple pie with ice cream for dessert. In addition, in our restaurant you can warm yourself with mulled wine prepared according to our recipe or drink a delicious, aromatic coffee, which, together with dessert, will make you forget about the world around you.

Sample dishes from the menu:

Starters: Smoked trout tartare, Highlander Moskole (a regional dish from Podhale, a type of pancakes made from potatoes and flour), Grilled Oscypek (regional smoked sheep milk cheese)

Soups: Borscht with French pasztecik (a dough stuffed with a meat filling), Żurek from Białka (fermented rye flour soup), Kwaśnica (sauerkraut soup) with potatoes and smoked ribs

Main Dishes: Entrecote Steak, Pierogi (dumplings) with Lamb, Flockmaster's Chop (pork breaded cutlet served with bacon, oscypek cheese and cranberries)

Salads: Greek salad, Burkaty Salad with grilled chicken, Salad with grilled salmon

Desserts: Hot cheesecake with raspberry mousse, Hot Burkaty Apple Pie, Dried-fruit Halny (an ice cream dessert with whipped cream, dried fruit and chocolate topping)

Special events

Thanks to the amazing scenery and great service, every meeting will be organised at the highest level.
Our restaurant as well as Chata Burkata are places where we will host a party in any style.
A restaurant for 70 people will allow us to hold elegant receptions with a set menu, which can be complemented by a sumptuous buffet.
In contrast, Chata Burkata, which can accommodate up to 150 people, allows you to organise a feast in a regional style in the form of a buffet or a barbecue dinner.
Our outstanding Chef will make all your ideas and culinary visions a reality. In addition, receptions can be complemented by delicious products from our confectionery. We will make every effort to ensure that the organised events meet the requirements of all guests.

For more information about the offer, please call:

Tel: 18 265 53 50/ mobile: 511 080 008

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