The Burkaty Restaurant

Traditional regional and Polish cuisine with a touch of finesse

Traditional regional and Polish cuisine with a touch of finesse

The Burkaty Restaurant serves the dishes of regional and European cuisine.
Starting from rich and varied breakfasts, through the restaurant menu which will reveal the journey to the hidden corners of regional cuisine, such as grandmother's kwaśnica (sauerkraut soup), trout from the mountain stream flowing in front of our restaurant, and many other dishes, crowned with an apple pie with ice cream for dessert. In addition, in our restaurant you can warm yourself with mulled wine prepared according to our recipe or drink a delicious, aromatic coffee, which, together with dessert, will make you forget about the world around you.



  1. Cripsy toast with forest mushrooms in butter sauce- 26,00PLN
  2. GRILLED OSCYPEK regional sheep cheese served with cranberry sauce- 26,00 PLN
  3. Highlander moskole- special potato pancakes with regional sheep cheese and garlic butter- 26,00 PLN
  1. REGIONAL SAUERKRAUT SOUP with potatoes and smoked pork rib – 25,00 PLN
  2. TRADITIONAL SOUER RYE SOUP  served with sausage, potatoes and cocked eggs- 24,00 PLN
  3. BROTH FROM FOREST MUSHROOMS (boletus) served with dumplings - 22,00 PLN
  4. Chicken soup with noodles - 23,00 PLN
Home-made dumplings:
  1. DUMPLINGS stuffed with meet  – 36,00 PLN
  2. DUMPLINGS stuffed with cottage cheese and onion – 36,00 PLN
Main courses:
  1. Roasted pork ribs BBQ sous vide served on the oak board with baked potatoes, sweet fried cabbage – 62,00 PLN
  2. SHEPARD PORK CHOP with bacon, regional cheese and cranberry, baked potatoes  and sweet fried cabbage – 54,00 PLN
  3. GRILLED TROUT with herbal butter, baked potatoes, sauerkraut and burnt lemon – 64,00 PLN
  4. REGIONAL POTATO PANCAKES WITH PORK GOULASH and sour cream and regional cheese and pickles 550g – 48,00 PLN
  5. STEAK FROM ROASTBEEF served on the oak board with Belgian fries, herbal butter, pepper salsa and salad 600g – 69,00 PLN
  6. Supreme chicken filler with cripsy sweet potato, baked vegetables, mango mousse- 51,00 PLN
  1. TAGIATELLE with chicken with sweet potato pappardwllw and chorizo- 40,00 PLN
  2. Home-made beetroot gnocchi with feta cheese and fresh spinach leaves- 38,00 PLN
  1. SALAD with grilled chicken, with tomato, cucumber, red onion, vinaigrette, mix of salad, toasts  - 38,00 PLN
  2. SALAD with grilled goat cheese, pear, glazed beetroot, walnut, mix of salad- 42,00 PLN
  1. BURKATY HOT APPLE-PIE with whipped cream and scoop of ice cream – 24,00 PLN
  2. WARM PLUMS in red wine, with soop of cream ice cream, roasted walnuts- 26,00 PLN

For more information about the offer, please call:

Tel: 18 265 53 50/ mobile: 511 080 008

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