A delight for the soul and the body.


RELAXING MASSAGE OF THE WHOLE BODY - a soothing and relaxing massage of the whole body with hot oil. Duration: 55 min.

AROMATIC MASSAGE - a relaxing and refreshing full body massage with properly selected essential oil (duration: 55 min.)

• Rose oil - relieves stress and improves mood

• Pine oil - relieves muscle and joint pains

• Lemon oil - has an antibacterial and cleansing effect

COCONUT RELAXATION - a whole body massage with hot coconut oil, which is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Strongly moisturises and firms the skin, improves its appearance and strengthens the lipid barrier. Duration: 55 min.

ALL-ROUND COMFORT - a massage of the whole body, head and face. It has a positive effect on general well-being and improves blood circulation in the body, which helps to quickly get rid of harmful toxins and achieve a state of bliss. Duration: 80 min.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - a slow, deep and relaxing massage reducing the tension of the deep muscles, loosening the tissues and increasing their mobility and flexibility. Duration: 55 min. 

MASSAGE FOR TWO - a massage given in one room to two people at the same time. Deeply relaxes and builds intimacy. Duration: 55 min.

TREATMENT MASSAGE - especially recommended for people with increased muscular tension and arthralgia. Duration: 30 min.

PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT – properly selected therapy combining the techniques of massage and manipulation in order to eliminate pain and muscle tension and to improve joint mobility. Duration: 55 min.

SICILLIAN MASSAGE - energetic and intense body massage with additional elements of stretching and massaging trigger points. It eliminates muscle tension and contracture and relaxes. Duration: 55 min. 

CHINESE CUPPING MASSAGE - a massage with Chinese rubber cups, with additional elements of acupuncture. It relieves back pains and muscle ailments, as well as problems with blood circulation in the skin. Duration: 55 min. 

SPORTS MASSAGE - a strong and energetic massage of the whole body, especially large muscle groups. Duration: 55 min.


SCRUB - a cleansing treatment consisting in exfoliation of dead epidermis cells. It is deeply cleansing, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and stimulates it to produce new cells. At the end of the treatment, a moisturising lotion is applied. Available body scrubs: coffee, milk, salt. Duration: 55 min. 

BODY COMBO - a whole body ritual that combines a scrub, a cleansing mask and a gentle massage with a lotion. It has a firming, nourishing and moisturising effect. The cosmetics used in the treatment contain natural clay. Duration: 80 min.

ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE - a massage reducing adipose tissue and cellulite. It is performed on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. In addition, a firming lotion is applied at the end of the treatment. Duration: 55 min.



ANTI - AGING - a rejuvenating and smoothing combination of palm oil scrub, a mask with nourishing elk milk and face massage with Ayurvedic oil, finished with applying an anti-wrinkle serum and cream. The treatment is mainly intended for mature skin, but also for those who want to improve the appearance and elasticity of facial skin. Duration: 60 min.

DETOX - a deeply cleansing treatment based on black clay, removing impurities and excess sebum. It is perfect for acne skin, prone to pimples and excessive greasiness. Refreshes, moisturises and improves microcirculation. Duration: 50 min.

MOISTURISING - a moisturising treatment for dry and sensitive skin. Cosmetics rich in nourishing shea butter and marigold extract regenerate skin and enrich it with vitamins and microelements. Duration: 50 min.

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