Outdoor amenities

The fun never ends when you are with us! Have a look at some more suggestions for spending time together.

Just behind our hotel, right by the Białka River, at the foot of Litwinowa Grapa, there is a beach volleyball court and a mini football pitch at your disposal.

It is a perfect place for everyday training for sport lovers, and for your kids - another attraction that can encourage both active recreation and fun with their parents.

What is more, you can use the gym while admiring the mountain landscape and the Białka River. As a guest of the Burkaty Hotel, you can use the outdoor gym situated by the mountain river Białka free of charge. It is a perfect place to warm up before skiing or cycling and to complete your sports holidays.

We offer 10 professional gym machines for our guests, including:

  • Ladder - perfect for warming up or stretching after training. Exercising on the ladder, we build and strengthen the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the upper limbs.
  • Incline bench - improves general fitness and strengthens the abdominal muscles and muscles of the lower back; helps to lose body fat.
  • Pull up seat - perfect for people with pain in upper limb joints and back pains. It increases the flexibility and agility of shoulder joints. It will also help us to strengthen the muscles of the upper limbs, the shoulder girdle and the back.
  • Push up seat - exercising on this device, we improve the overall body condition and strengthen the muscles of the hands, shoulder girdle, chest and back
  • Slalom skier - intended for people who want to improve cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency. It strengthens the muscles of the legs, hip girdle and arms.
  • Air walker - exercise on this device strengthens the leg muscles, improves joint flexibility, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system. In addition: weight loss, improved blood circulation and overall body condition
  • Rowing machine - exercising on this device, we will improve the general condition of the body and strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower limbs, chest and abdomen.
  • Exercise bike - this is a device for people who want to strengthen the muscles of the legs and hips and improve the circulation and functioning of the respiratory system
  • Ski walker - cross-country skiing training strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms, increases the range of hip joint motion, makes leg tendons more flexible and improves cardiovascular and respiratory functioning.
  • Elliptical trainer - it is a device that will increase the strength of upper and lower limbs and the hip girdle, improve joint mobility and blood circulation, and strengthen the respiratory system.

To replenish calories after exercise, we recommend using a specially prepared fire pit with a beautiful view of the nearby Tatra Mountains. It is a place that will bring a lot of joy to our youngest Guests when they roast sausages over a fire, and will make their parents recall the days of their youth.

It will all be perfectly complemented with a wonderful view of the setting sun.

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