Golden sands at the foot of the mountains.

Burkaty’s sandy beach.

The only such beach in the mountains!

You can’t decide where to go: to the mountains or the seaside?

You don’t have to make that choice anymore; the Burkaty Hotel has both.

Relax on the sandy beach, under a reed umbrella, by the Białka River, with a beautiful view of the Tatras.

Songs of birds, the sound of the river and clean air will make you relax completely. On the premises of our Hotel, you can wind down on a comfortable sun lounger or spend time actively playing beach volleyball. On the newly created beach, you will find Hawaii-style umbrellas, sun loungers for adults, as well as those specially designed for children, and a volleyball court. You can rent a set of beach toys for the youngest children. Around the beach, there is the “Brunuś” playground, an external gym and a path leading to the Białka River.

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