Fishing at the Białka River

The Białka River is one of the greatest assets of Białka Tatrzańska. 

It flows from Morskie Oko lake, or, more precisely, its beginning is the Rybi Potok stream.The physicochemical and bacteriological quality of water is only slightly below the first-class standards. Its normal flow rate is about 5 m3 per second, and during summer high water levels it increases even up to 200-300 m3/s (during the biggest flood in 1934, it was 433 m3 per second). Water temperature in the river is around 15°C in the summer, sometimes increasing to 18°C. In June, with a significant rise in water levels caused by the melting snow in the mountains, rafting trips are often organised in pontoons or kayaks (muscle-operated and controlled). Białka River is the only alpine-type river in Poland, therefore it has many fans among mountain kayakers. The Białka River Gorge, the so-called Skałki, which is a strict nature reserve, is a stunning place which you simply can’t miss when visiting the region. The river scours its banks and cuts into beautiful rocks located in this area. The rocks nearby and the surrounding area provide many opportunities for climbing, exploring caves and walking. The dominant species of fish in the Białka River are trout and grayling. A rarer species is the brown trout that sometimes comes here for spawning from the nearby Czorsztyn Lake.

Family fishing with the Burkaty Hotel in Białka Tatrzańska.

We invite fans of fishing for a family stay in our hotel. We provide a comfortable and active holiday experience. You can also buy a fishing licence for the special section of the river, the Dunajec Fishing Grounds. The Fishing Grounds are situated on the section of the Dunajec River from the mouth of the Krośniczanka stream to the mouth of the Ochotnica stream. They cover a very picturesque area, one of the most attractive places for fishing. The dominant species of fish in this section of the Dunajec River are river trout, grayling and huchen. Fly fishing is allowed on the Fishing Grounds.

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