A paradise for skiers

Kotelnica Białczańska

A complex of ski runs located in Białka Tatrzańska on the sides of Kotelnica mountain, 918 m, and Jankulakowski Wierch, 934 m. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of Kaniówka and Bania ski lifts.

The resort has six chairlifts, a T-bar lift and two platter lifts. The total capacity of the lifts in Kotelnica is 13,770 people per hour. There are 8 ski runs, which are artificially snowed, groomed and illuminated. The total area of ski slopes is 42 ha. There is a ski run leading to Bania ski resort.

TatrySki pass is valid in the complex. The resort has a snow park with obstacle courses. A slope can be reserved/rented for sports competitions. In addition to the ski infrastructure, there is extensive accommodation and catering infrastructure. The resort has a sport equipment rental and ski service, as well as a professional ski school; emergency rescuers from TOPR (Tatrzańskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe, Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue) are there to ensure your safety.

The resort has its own free car parks for approx. 2,000 passenger cars and coaches.

Kaniówka – Białka Tatrzańska

Kaniówka ski station is located in the southernmost part of Białka Tatrzańska. In 2012, it was thoroughly modernised and equipped with a 450-metre 4-person Leitner chairlift.

This centre is mainly intended for children and beginners. Apart from the chairlift, there are 3 T-bar lifts at their disposal and, beginning this season, also a ski conveyor belt, which makes it very easy for children to learn to ski. The resort has free car park for cars and coaches.

Free SkiBus from Kotelnica Ski Resort runs daily. The lifts are artificially lit, which allows you to ski until late in the evening in a magical atmosphere. In the immediate vicinity of the station there are large, free car parks, a ski school and a regional highland-style restaurant.

A new addition is the 20-metre-long "icicle" for ice climbing enthusiasts.

Grapa SKI – Czarna Góra

The Tourist and Ski Resort GRAPA SKI is located in the village of Czarna Góra near Białka Tatrzańska. This is one of the newest ski stations, opened in 2010. It offers a detachable 900-metre 4-seater chairlift with a difference in altitude of 151 m and a capacity of 2,400 people per hour. It will take you to the top in just a few minutes. In fine weather, you will be accompanied in this journey by magnificent views of the Tatra Mountains, and in the evening - the breathtaking sunset disappearing behind Babia Góra Mountain.

We also have two T-bar lifts: one with a length of 120 m, a difference in altitude of 14 m and capacity of 400 people an hour, leading to a bunny slope, and the other on the left side of the chairlift, 400 m long, with a difference in altitude of 77 m and the capacity of 900 people per hour.

For our youngest skiers, as well as for those who are just starting their adventures on the slopes, we have a 60-metre-long ski conveyor belt with a slight difference in altitude of 7 m.

Customer expectations differ greatly. Some like having crazy fun, while others like skiing at moderate speeds for recreation. We make every effort to make our customers fully satisfied and for that reason we have 4 ski runs with different degrees of inclination and different widths. They are all groomed and lit.

We also have a snow tubing track, which can be used by both children and adults. The fun of hardcore skiing in an unknown direction will leave you with unforgettable memories. The resort has a professional sport equipment rental, which also offers maintenance services, and a skiing and snowboarding school.

Both at the bottom station and at the top station there is an inn where you can eat something and get warm. 

Koziniec SKI – Czarna Góra

A ski station located in the village of Czarna Góra near Białka Tatrzańska and Bukowina Tatrzańska.

It has a 4-seater chairlift with a capacity of 2,400 people per hour, two T-bar lifts (300 m) and a 120-metre-long rope tow.

There are five runs with different difficulty levels: green, blue and red. The longest blue route is 1000 m long. Parents can use the services of "Stumilowy Las” playroom, where the qualified staff will take care of their children.

The station can be used for organising competitions; slopes can be rented. At the station, you will also find a professional sports equipment rental. The observation deck offers a view of the mountain range.

Jurgów SKI

Centrum Rekreacji i Wypoczynku (Recreation and Leisure Centre) “Hawrań” is located in the village of Jurgów, in Pogórze Spisko-Gubałowskie. The station itself is located on the main road - 2.5 km south of the centre of the village, just before the Slovak border.

The skiing areas are located on the north-western slopes of Górków Wierch (1045 m). It is here that a total of 4.5 km of ski runs were established, different in terms of difficulty, inclination and length. Every visitor will find something for themselves. The black ski run is one of the most difficult ones in Podhale, and the red one is intended for experienced and highly skilled skiers and snowboarders.

Less advanced skiers can choose the green route. There are also lifts for young children. In total, there are 7 artificially snowed, lit and groomed ski runs available to skiers. TatrySki pass is valid in the complex. In addition to the ski infrastructure, there is extensive catering and service infrastructure here.

In the resort, there is Ski-Plus ski school with qualified snowboard and ski teachers. There is also a ski equipment rental on site, and TOPR rescuers watch over your safety. The resort also has a three-level tavern where you can taste real delicious highlander cuisine.

You don’t have to worry about parking spaces at Jurgów-Ski ski station - the resort has its own free car park.

Bachledova SKI – Slovakia

Since December 2015, BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun has been a part of the TatrySki group. It combines 9 ski resorts and ice rinks in the Tatras region, in Slovakia and Poland, which can be visited under one ski pass. Joint tickets are valid for 2 days or longer. Visitors have the opportunity to ski on almost 40 km of runs and to use as many as 45 cable cars and ski lifts.

The family ski resort BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun is located on Magura Spiska with a magnificent view of the Belianske Tatras, just 30 km north of the town of Poprad. It is located in three municipalities - Ždiar, Jezersko and Malá Franková, and can be accessed both from the Bachledova Valley and from Jezersko. 
BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun offers an opportunity to ski in three valleys from different directions - which is unique in Slovakia - a fantastic family ski trip and a year-round snow guarantee. There are 9.5 km of artificially snowed ski runs. Skiers can use the Jezersko 4-seater chairlift, the 3-seater chairlift Bachledova Valley, 6 lifts, 12 ski runs with a total length of 11.5 km, with different difficulty levels, and, additionally, 20 km of cross-country tracks. Obviously, you can ski until well into the evening; moreover, there are is a ski school, ski service, ski clothes rental, a free car park and a coach.

In Bachledka, we do not forget about the youngest skiers, for whom we have prepared several attractions. When the adults opt for active rest on the slopes or bask in the sun in front of the ski bar, the team of licensed instructors at the SUNKID ski school takes care of the children. A carousel designed for beginner skiers will ensure they are having fun and enjoying their experience. After they spend some time learning, they can visit the world of children's entertainment, with a slide and an educational trail. When they have had enough snow, they can have fun in the new kids' corner in the hotel directly on the slope. The culmination of a well-spent day is a whizz down the toboggan run or snowrafting.

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