Rest and relaxation combined with unforgettable fun

Thermal pools in Białka Tatrzańska? Since 2011, it has been possible! It was in that year that the "Terma Bania" thermal pool complex was created, which is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of our town. Do you want to relax in geothermal water? Come to Białka Tatrzańska and, additionally, thanks to the cooperation with the Burkaty Hotel***, you will receive an additional discount in Terma Bania!

Terma Bania

A thermal pools complex located closest to the Burkaty Hotel***, created to provide rest and fun for the whole family. It is divided into three zones:

Play Zone - a place with lots of water attractions and entertainment, the most exciting of which is a tower of water slides, opened year round. In the summer, this zone becomes even bigger, with a real water town with a playground, giant inflatable slides and water slides.

Relaxation Zone - is perfect for people who are looking for relaxation and quiet, and at the same time want to wind down in a unique mountain environment, with a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains. It consists of two large internal pools that go all the way to the outside, where you can admire the Tatra mountains in hot thermal water. Pools are equipped with bottom geysers, bottom and side massage spots, cascades, water jets as well as counter currents.

Saunarium - persons over 16 years of age will find rest and harmony in the Saunarium, with its Russian banya, a Finnish sauna, a stone grotto, a steam bath and a brine swimming pool, as well as a cooling swimming pool which goes all the way outside and into the Saunarium garden. In each zone there are bars and restaurants with an excellent offer of refreshing drinks and meals that will replenish your strength after playing in water.

Gorący Potok

Termy Gorący Potok is a return to nature, swimming in raw sulphur water, as well as beautiful surroundings which will make you feel like a newborn. The thermal pools complex is located approx. 15 km from the Burkaty Hotel***, and thanks to our cooperation you will receive a 20% discount on tickets. Termy Gorący Potok have several pools with raw sulphur water. The water is treated with UV rays, so no chemicals are used. Baths in raw sulphur water have many benefits for health and beauty. They have medical effects, support the treatment of rheumatic diseases and degenerative diseases, reduce inflammation, as well as improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol. They have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails; they alleviate various cosmetic problems and dermatological diseases.

A number of attractions await you in Termy Gorący Potok: several pools with raw sulphur water, a children's pool with a big “wet bubble” ball, two slides for older children, two sandy beaches around the pool, volleyball courts and a swing.

We recommend this place for the regeneration of body and soul.

Termy Chochołowskie

Termy Chochołowskie, about 35 kilometres from the Burkaty Hotel***, is a place where everyone, regardless of their age and preferences, will find some attractions for themselves. There are over 30 pools and barrels with water with various properties, a healing zone with raw sulphur water and iodized brine, hydromassage points, rapid river, a climbing net, water geysers. The water in our pools has a temperature of 32-36°C, so you can relax in the outdoor pools even in cold weather. Chochołowskie Termy is not just swimming pools! The facility has the largest sauna zone in Podhale with an impressive glazed sauna from which you can admire the beautiful Tatra Mountains.

Bukovina Thermal pools

Bukovina Thermal pools are one of the modern complexes in Europe which provides great fun and relax in 20 interior and external pools with thermal water of optimal mineralization and temperatures 30-38°C and heling and reablement effects . For the active ones  they are offering swimming pools and for the ones who look for relax pools with hydro-massage . You can visit there 12 different saunas and children zone. Baths in a thermal pools are perfect for stress reduction, to improve the mood or to strengthen immune system. The water rich in magnesium, salt and potassium  stabilize the hormonal system, pulse and influence good muscular-bone system. Thermal pools Bukovina is a center of the whole year relax and recreation.

It is possible to buy entrance tickets in a reception desk for Bukovina thermal pools.  

Aqua Park Meander (Oravice)

Aqua park Meander is situated in a mountain resort Oravice at the bottom of the West Tatras mountains, close to the Slovak-Polish border. It is special place not only because of the healing geo-thermal water but also you will find in one place the beautiful unpolluted Tetras nature and lots of fun for the whole family. In Menader park await for you and your children lots of attractions. We have also a wide offer for the ones who more than adrenaline are looking for peace and relax. The pride of our aqua park is a pool with artificial waves. You can try the force of the see tide in the open pools. The waves are really high and having fun in the rough water will thrill everybody.  Our thermal pools  as only ones have  free entrance for the children till 10 years under the care of an adult  (one child on one adult).  Before you will relax in thermal pools we invite you for the chair lift which will take you on the top of the Menader park from where you can look up to a beautiful valley and West Tatra mountains. For the active ones we recommend a bike ride downhill on the well prepared routes or with unique for the region Montaincarts. The less active we offer electronic bikes for asphalt or crashed stones routes or walks along the beautiful valley with one and only Tatra mountain nature .


For all Guests Burkaty Hotel *** we offer a discount 15% and possibility to buy tickets at the reception desk.

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